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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Boy it was hot

It is hard to believe it is February seeing how it was 85 outside and very windy on top of it. Did a little work outside but did spend some time sewing too.
That was before going out for an early Valentine dinner. Since it's on Tuesday we would not be able to go out that night. Excellent steak.

I was going to start on this month's RSC but realize I had already started one last year and decided I would finish it off this month. I'll make backs for these and quilt them.

So then I decided I would work on something for my youngest daughter. Had plans of making this for Christmas.

Had bought this kits... gosh.. some years ago.

Not a difficult project. Cut up the panel and add in some color fabric filler with a few flying geese and square in a square.

In six hours I was able to get main section pieced and now the border is ready to attach.

My daughter loves cats and bright colors so this will be perfect for her.

It will be a lap size quilt.

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  1. Wow, you have magic fingers, you work so quickly.

  2. a bright colorful project - I guess the weather will just keep going crazy - up and down - we ONLY got up to 80 yesterday - for so early in February that sure was a treat seeing as it wasn't stormy - I normally do not enjoy sitting on the porch reading with my shoes off! until April and here I have had 2 days in February - crazy

  3. I love the teal and brown quilt...love the pattern and the colors. And yes, its been quite warm here too...my daffodils are blooming!

  4. LOVE the "shades of the sea" in each of your projects!! It looks like you were channeling Cynthia over at Quilting is more fun than Housework on that last quilt, as she's been making quilts with Orphan Blocks which turn out very much like your daughter's quilt. You certainly made quick work of that one!!

  5. It was crazy warm yesterday, but it was nice to be out without a coat for a change. Love your new cat quilt! Very bright and fun.

  6. OOOh--I know a couple ladies who would love that cat quilt--your daughter is gonna love it for sure-love the aqua quilt--neat design and the first quilt is lovely too--you are really into quilting right now--you go girl--
    enjoy the moments, di

  7. What cute projects you’ve got going. And talk about hot - that teal blue and gray quilt (block?) is awesome! What is its size? Enjoy your week ~


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