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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Slow Sunday

Today started out dreary but ended up being really nice outside.
I too started out on the yucky side but ended up feeling good,

So did a little reading and finished the book I was reading 
10% Happier by Dan Harris and I enjoyed it very much. It wasn't what I thought it would be but good all the same. It was his personal journey to learning and using meditation. Not at all boring even though it was more of his life and not on how.

Did do a little machine sewing on the last month of the 1930's Farmers Wife.

And handwork on a Warm Hearts block.

So far my hand has not been bothering me much. Been able to get up to a couple hours in at times. 
Happy camper here...

  I was looking for an extra piece of fabric I know I had just recently and you would think that I could find it with no problem, seeing how my room on so clean. 

But no, apparently I must of put it in a good spot.

I need just 2 - 2" squares of the floral print. I'll look again tomorrow, it's around here somewhere.

Now while looking I came across a BOM I had purchased 17 years ago. Never did start it. At the time I thought it was cute but now I just do not want to make anymore. 

So I want to sell it.

At the time it was $10.00 a month.

But know I can not get what I payed for it and that's OK. 
Knowing that it will go to someone who will make it is worth the difference.

Each month has the fabric and directions.

So if anyone is interested, I was thinking 40.00. That would be all 12 months and postage.
There is no finishing kit just the months.
Here is my email if you are interested

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  1. Quilting is not my thing - as you know! - but I am sure that someone will love this and make great use of it. Hope you find it a good home because the angels are very cute. Hope you find your missing fabrics too, so annoying when something goes wandering!

  2. Thank you for sharing a peek at your sewing space. I love to see how others organize their studios.

  3. The Warm Hearts block is beautiful. Glad you were able to get some hand stitching done and it not bother you. Hope you finally found your fabric.


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