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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prepping Day

It's been a nice rainy day, a slow steady rain.  Something we have needed so badly. 
Since I finished those tops yesterday, I spent the day prepping a couple things. 

Did 10 more Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks. 

Had cut out most of the pieces but was lacking some of the background.  Doing it old school, with cardboard templates.
Did that.  

Then started on a new one I had picked up the fabric last year on the bus trip we had at the shop.  

Loved the fabric, hard to describe.  It is textured woven not printed designed. Colors are muted taupes.  

It is from Fons and Porter magazine and is all flying geese. 120 of them. That's if I do the size in the magazine, have enough to make it a little bigger if I want. 

I been meaning to show how many eggs the girls are giving out now. 
It ranges from 6 - 8 eggs a day and this is 3 days worths. 
I'm back in the eggs business now. 

Some show and tell from tonight.
Tonight is 30's club and we have only one more month of the Farmers Wife 1930 Quilt



  1. Your hens are doing well! Hope you had a fun time with your quilting friends.

  2. when I get done with the star quilt I have to get back to my air ship blocks and my baskets - they have been neglected while I work on stars and hexies! If I lived closer I would want some of those eggs!

  3. Oh your Air ship blocks look like they'll be so lovely--loving the retro look a lot...hugs, Julierose

  4. You are like my girl friend Anne--she does not use a rotary cutter--she cuts everything out by template--
    quilt is looking good as do those eggs--
    the best eggs that I have ever eaten were from another girl friends chickens--
    even the organic ones in the store--just aren't the same--
    enjoy the moments, di

  5. How wonderful to get together with like minded people, a quilt club sounds like fun. Amazing to be eating fresh laid eggs.

  6. I love the taupes! Love the fresh eggs! We had a farm once so I know what real eggs taste like! I also like the combo of the rose and teal fabrics.

  7. Beautiful browns and taupes, it's going to be a very soothing and restful palette.


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