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Monday, February 13, 2017

What's Up 2.13.17

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OK... I'm a day early here but not in Australia and Europe.

Cat lap quilt is completed.

Was able to get the border on first thing this morning. Turned out so nice. 

Took pictures on the wall

and outside.

So next up was the blocks for the friendship quilt.

Ended up with an odd number of blocks, which when it came to laying it out I just had to do the best I could figure out, wasn't too bad. It will work.

Cut the corner unit and side triangles 

And even was able to get this all put together.
Not bad, it only took me 8 years to finish.

It was a good day 

2 completed tops.


  1. Your friendship quilt looks great. I had some friends make blocks for me once that took about six years to get together. As long as it gets there in the end I say - well done.

  2. The friendship quilt is lovely isn't it! Well worth the wait. Happy valentines!

  3. What an accomplishment--2 tops finished! Both look wonderful.

  4. Congrats on getting both to finished flimsy stage. Love the cat quilt, very bright and fun. You did great with the setting on the Friendship quilt.


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