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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hump Day

Boy it turned out to be such a pretty day.

Ended up doing chores this afternoon, cleaning out the nesting boxes and collected 7 eggs today. The girls are working hard these days.

one is out of the shot
Checked on the heifers, there are nine of them that I'm responsible for and of the nine... four of them have had calves.

They are so cute.

That's right, I'm so cute....

I'm still putting up the last of the outdoor Christmas decoration. The inflatables needed to put in their boxes. I had them in a chair on the porch, just hadn't packed them away. Then put up all the electric cords.
Done finally.

Did do some sewing. Made the flying geese and now I'm trimming them all, 120 of them.

Sewing the woven fabric is a little tricky.

Stretches some and didn't think about how the fabric was directional and when putting the units together it did not go all in the same direction.  I don't care for that but I have no choice but to have to leave it and learn to live with it.

I'm almost finished appliqueing this block, down to just the flowers.  

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  1. Those calves are so adorable. Are they and their moms friendly as in, will they let you pet them? I love your geese blocks. The colors are fabulous. I don't know if it would work but it seems that if you flipped over ones side of those lined triangles that they would align in the same direction as their partners on the other side of the goose. Of course, that would only work if the fabric is reversible.

  2. The calves are so very cute, you must get quite attached to them.

  3. The calves are sweet. I love your flower applique block--especially that dark background--so pretty...hugs, Julierose

  4. I love the calves especially when they play with one another like dogs. Your flying geese look great--they are some of my favorite things to make. I hope you keep having beautiful days!

  5. Your calves are so cute! I love the woven fabrics you're using in your flying geese, I imagine they're very soft and cuddly.

  6. The calves are really cute. Of course I'm a city girl and have no idea what I'd do if one walked up to me! Those wovens made some very pretty flying geese.


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