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Monday, February 20, 2017

What's Up 2.20.17

The wall started out this morning looking like this
and ended up looking like that.

Finished the back for the baby top using the scraps leftover from the top. Tried my best to make it look ok. I don't do pieced back often...

next will be to get batting and sandwich it.

Before I did that I had started on pressing, trimming and organizing this tub of scraps.

I'm going to start a string quilt and had some strings already but while doing the scraps I was able to add some more.

 I think I have a good amount now.

I like this pattern I found in a Fons and Porter magazine. 

Fons and Porter and Quiltmania are the only magazines I get and I can find something I want to make in each issue.

Out of curiosity, what if any magazines you like? 


  1. I have a subscription that my daughter buys me for a crochet magazine. I pick up the occasional quilt magazine to look at the beautiful pictures, sadly I am not competent enough to attempt most of them.

  2. I subscribed to quilt magazines for several years, but no longer do so. There are so many projects in those quilts that I would like to make. There is no sense is subscribing to magazines just to want to make more projects.

  3. Very pretty baby quilt. That scrappy pattern is going to be fun and bust a lot of scraps. There to be so much same oh same in many of the quilting magazines, so I'm starting to let my subscriptions lapse. My favorite magazine these days is Artful Blogging. I love the photography in it.

  4. Your baby quilt is precious! I absolutely love pieced backings - to me they're like a 2 for 1! I'm not really into magazines, but Quilts and More is a real favorite of mine. BTW, I'm visiting you from Love, Laugh, Quilt! Thank you for sharing!


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