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Saturday, October 15, 2016

4th Quarter FAL

Today I remembered (for once) that this is the deadline to post any finishes over at She Can Quilt that I want/plan to complete by the end of the year. 
I have no problem finding incomplete projects around here, in fact after moving all the stuff out of the sewing room I found so many projects I forgot about.  I found boxes with everything ready to make. 
Couple years ago gather patterns and fabric to make Christmas gifts. Never did as you can tell, so it's some of my goals for this quarter. 
Along with theses I have a few quilts that need binding. 2 are Christmas quilts and the other 2 are gifts.
Here are the choices, 

This is a quilt I've seen online, at a quilt show and in a magazine and each time I did it was always the same thought, I want to make this quilt. So I gather the stuff and that is as far as I had gotten. I don't believe it's a difficult quilt to do. I love the backing fabric I found. This pattern reminds me of winters here and the cardinals.

This quilt was a kit that I purchased at least 5 years ago and found while moving. I think I'll make this for one of my daughters.

Then there are these Merry Christmas wall hangings

 Not sure about these two but hopefully I'll find time.

Now here are the stack off quilts needing binding.

First are the 2 Christmas Quilts
This quilt I bought as a top and had a group of quilters at the church quilt it.
It is in pretty good shape except a few brown spots. Hoping to be able to soak them out.

If I had to guest about age, my first guess would be the 1930's but could go all the way to the 60's

Then the sweet appliqued Gingerbread quilt.

These two will be gifts

I prefer single fabric backings, I like the way it looks when quilted. 
Perfect quilting for the modern look

There it is 
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  1. Wow, such a delight to see them all. I fell in love with the gingerbread one absolutely stunning.

  2. Good luck with your finishes for 4th quarter. You've got some gorgeous projects on your list!


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