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Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Finish

I love it when I can say that, a finish..... well the top at least.

Yesterday was able to assembled all the sections to the Seven Sisters, then came the tricky part. I do not have a pattern, so it's one of those figure as you go job.

First thought was the corner pieces would be 60 degree angle but no. 120 is what it was.

Attached those and I believe I will leave it at that, no borders. 
A colorful binding will give it the look.
This is going to be a crib size 62" x 46"

Seeing how that was something I did not have on my list, I am so ready to get back to my list.

Decided to do White Birches wall hanging.  I think it will be a nice Christmas addition.
This quilt I had seen on many occasions at shows, magazines and over at Barbara's blog Cat Patches .
In fact she helped me with the pattern.
I thought it was only a couple years ago but come to find out it was 4 years ago. I've been wanting to make this 4 years now. Finally getting round to it.

Yesterday I was able to get the top row completed and today the other 2 rows.

Decided to go ahead and applique the Red Birds before I sew the rows together.  
Thought about using fabric for the birds and that is what the pattern called for but I decided to go with flannel and wool.

Like the idea of some depth and texture to the birds and the wool and flannel will do that.


  1. The wool and flannel is such a great idea for adding depth it will look amazing.

  2. I like the wool and flannel - I am mixing the two in a small winter wall hanging and have thought that I might do that in a larger applique project sometime.

  3. The Seven Sisters quilt looks amazing! Congrats on getting it to the finished flimsy stage. Love your wool cardinal, it's going to be a beautiful quilt.


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