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Saturday, October 8, 2016

This week happenings

Looks like I've done it again, a whole week has passed without one day of writing. I have been trying to break this one bad habit for a while now, among many other bad habits I have also. Focusing has been an issue with me the past year.
In fact I made that my word for the year last year, and I tried very hard to stay on track. Well that's and along with my energy deflating, plus the past few months I've been having anxiety attacks and bouts of despair and such during the day. So I finally went to the dr. and we had the talk about hormones and menopause. She has me on a natural HRT right now.
They say it can be 4 to 6 weeks before I see changes and I have to say I've seen good improvement in my moods. My hair loss and other things I haven't noticed too much change, but it's only been a few weeks now. I'm hoping that it will help with my focusing too. I know part of it is a bad habit that has been created from this past year. So enough  about menopause and I want to talk about what happened
earlier this week. 

We had a heifers have a calf, but with problems delivering, so we had to pull the calf. That sometimes create a problem in itself, with either the mom being temporarily paralyzed from the pressure on her pelvic or the baby in it's legs, they can be sore from the pulling the calf out with the birthing chains

The latter is what happened this time and the little girl calf couldn't stand on her own the following morning. Which meant she could not nurse and get the colostrum that she needs from her mommy.

So I needed to bottle feed her, which I did. She took approximately a pint and a half of the colostrum powder that you get from the vet. Well that seem to be enough to keep her healthy and alive 

and by that evening as you can see here she standing. 

Which is so good because now if everything goes right, she'll start nursing on her mom. 
And everything went right this time. 
Now it's just a matter of letting her get her strength up so she can be moved out into the maternity ward with the rest of the heifers and their calves. 

I have made very little progress on the Words to Live By. I did get another section with the HST
 done. Now I have half of the border completed. I'm onto working on the other half.

I'm also in the homestretch for the Farmer's Wife 1930's quilt. We have only three months left to go which is, I think 15 blocks, which I have 2 of them completed now.

I had seen this setting for small blocks which I like and would like to set mine this way but seeing how this is a shop sample for the 30s club I have to do it the way that the pattern with designed to be made. 

Well that was a little of this week.


  1. Hope your health improves quickly.......

    1. Thank you, I think I can get my hormones up some it can only improve

  2. love your quilt and hope you get to feeling better soon. I see no retro air ship propeller blocks and that made me glad as I haven't gotten back to mine and only have two done, I need to make a couple this month at some point. Glad you little calf looks like it will make it

    1. Thank you Karen, and yes haven't done any of the Retro Air-Ships for this month yet and need to. The little calf is getting stronger any day, thank goodness.

  3. Sorry to hear about your health problems, hopefully now that you have started HRT you will start to feel the benefits soon. Beautiful pictures of the beautiful calf, hope all goes well for her too.

  4. Hope things continue to improve in your health and mood. A very precious calf, glad that it all worked out well.


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