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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Being a Slug

I have had a very slow Sunday, moved in slow motion all day....still am.

One task I did that was perfect for being slow was rewinding the yarn I have. 

Started with this tub and decided to wind the yarn up thinking it would take up less space in the tub. Wasn't sure until I did it.

It did but as much as I thought.

Enough that I could add this bag



and a few other loose yarn around the house.

Now with the bag and the few stragglers added to the tub and it's now full. 

Now that, this was done I went on to mark some of the Rocky Road I'm quilting on. I know it's hard to see the blue marker I used.

Then Pete felt he needed to help me out some but I don't find him sitting on it a big help

Then I was thinking about Christmas and the quilts I have and ones I would like to do. 

Image result for snowman quilt by marilyn mcspadden

Which made me think about this one I had finished, thought it was quilted but can not find anywhere in the house. Ask my girls if I had given one of them it and all said no. So now I am really confused, don't know what has happened to this quilt.
I think my memory is going too.

I'll be linking up to Kathy's Quilt


  1. Great job on the yarn. It will suddenly come back and you will remember the place you put it for safekeeping. Take care.

  2. awww Pete looks like my daughters kitty Clementine. So beautiful!

  3. You got a lot of mundane tasks done, so you slug stage wasn't entirely without merit. Hope you energy level comes back soon.


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