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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What's Up 10.25.16

I have been so busy the past two days, that I have a variety of things to share.
First of all whats up on the design wall.

I'm making a crib size quilt and with the small jelly roll I had it was perfect for these 4 set of Seven Sisters.
I have as I write this 2 of the 4 ready to put the sections together. The other 2. I have the units made as you can see but will be sewing them into sections.  

There are 6 sections

I also been sewing another section of the HST border for the Words to Live By 
Had put this second for a few weeks now, plugging along.

"The Man of The Place" did get the Christmas boxes down  for me and yesterday I just checked them all to see if there was any mice damage. Just a couple items, almost all good.
I will sort what I want to keep or past on as I decorate.

Did also clean out the chicken coop and the pullets pen. Now the girls are good to go for a few. 

Today I wanted to send the "Little Dudes" something for Halloween and went to Pinterest of course for ideas.
Saw quite a few I would love to do but only needed one, so I decided on Rice Krispie treats, but in the shape of pumpkins.

They turned out cute, the stem is a Rolo and a green M&M for leaf.
Ended up with a dozen so just sent them all.
I think they will like them.

Besides all this I still was able to get cleaning in. 
It's been a month since I started  BHRT and I have from the start felt better and I can stay more focused, something I've been struggling with.
Plus my energy level has increased a little, needed that too.


  1. You are an inspiration with all your different projects. I need to have a sort out of the Christmas décor but have decided to leave it until nearer the time. Loved the rise crispie pumpkins, what a joy.

  2. The Seven Sister blocks are coming together beautifully! Hope you get in some good stitching time this weekend.


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