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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Something Farm Related

I have written much lately about the going ons here at the farm. We have had a pretty quiet year. (KNOCK ON WOOD)
Which is good and not the norm, but hey I'm loving it.

My garden in June after I came back from California

This is a the sweet potato bed in June.

I had this year decided not to work that hard in the veggie garden. Needed a break, which meant the garden became the best weed patch on the farm.

My Garden Now

Can you see the tomatoes?

The only few things that were and are still out there growing among the weed.

This is the sweet potato bed now

Tomatoes, peppers and sweet potatoes.

Well I had been thinking about when it cooled off like now, that would be the time to start cleaning it up.
But then a couple days ago I had read about someone who said it was getting to be that time to put her goats out in the garden to do the fall cleaning up.

That's when the light went off,
I need goats but I don't 
but then there is a neighbor of mine who might have some. I know she has sheep, so if she doesn't have goats she might know someone who might have some that would loan out for brush cleaning.
I asked her about it.

Now I have out in the garden not a goat but 5 lambs.

Couldn't find any goats but my neighbor was happy to loan me some of her lambs.

They around 7 months and very friendly.
So cute they are.

They are a meat breed and not a breed for their wool. The breed is called  Katahdin 

These guys have their work cut out for them and I'm curious how long it will take them to clean it.
I bet it will be a lot less time than it would be for me.
If this works out, this will be the way to go each year.
I'll keep you up to date on their progress.

Image result for sheep grazing free cartoon
So Cute


  1. I am impressed. I hope it works out for you, they really do look cute out there. Have a great weekend.

  2. Me too, all I know at this time is that they seem to be pretty much a continuous eating machine.

  3. Oh my, I love this post. The lambs are so cute and hardworkers for you. Great idea.

  4. My grand parents always raised a steer for the freezer and rabbits. I knew we ate them but there were always a few bunnies I asked my grandpa to you know "save". He always said he would and I was too young to double check that he did. Of course there were chickens and a vegetable garden.
    They did not have a big problem with weeds as they planted with their tractor in mind.
    Corn peas carrots onions are what I remember I don't recall potatoes and I think I would as we (my brothers and I ) were raw potato eaters so if there were potatoes I am sure we would have dug them up to eat . Oh green beans and squash were grown but we didn't eat them.
    When they were done for the season the garden was disked under and there chicken coop had a huge caged yard they would move it around in the area of the vegetable garden and move the droppings from rabbits to there also.
    The dirt there was always so easy to dig no big clods like in their orchard
    Their ranch is a housing development now . I could tell the home owners where the water tank was and the fuel tank and the heating oil tank and the "yard" where my grandfather had rocks dumped so there was no mud between the house and the garage I guess the home owner "in the yard" has found out those rocks go down for ever.
    Some good memories of the good old days

  5. I hope they enjoy doing the hard work for you!

  6. What a great idea! That's thinking outside the box.


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