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Friday, October 14, 2016

Some sewing going on

I can actually share some sewing this time.
Was able to finish 3 of the 4  Farmers Wife blocks for next month's 30's club.

I wrote earlier that had only 3 months left counting this set but I was wrong, it's 4. Still that's not much.

I can say that I have becomed better at paper piecing and using freezer paper is my favorite way. I do know... I do not like tearing paper away.

It felt good to spend time sewing and quilting.

This evening was devoted to working on blue Rocky Road.

I'm now working on the outer rows, which I'm starting on right side now, with help of course.

Wanted to show you how big my chicks have gotten. They are now 2 months old and they look like hens, little one but hens all the same

We have them out in the shop in a big round stock tank with a chain linked gate as a cover.
4 months from now they should start laying which we be good cause as of now the 6 old "freeloaders" haven't given me an egg in a few weeks now.
In a couple months they can go out to the hen house, by then they will close to the same size as the old "freeloaders"


  1. It was lovely to see the hens and the cartoon really made me smile. Beautiful blocks as always.

  2. Fun blocks. I have a love/hate relationship with paper piecing. Love the results, not fond of the method. I have little pieces of paper all over the sewing room.

  3. It looks to me like it is your kitties working on the pretty blue quilt! I am sure they don't appreciate you taking credit for their work. By the way, the colors in your Farmer's wife are zingers! I just love it. That will be a very friendly quilt.

  4. I really like your quilt.......yes the chickens grow so fast...........you may start to get eggs by 18weeks......that age is pouint of lay.........hopefully by then if you a have not been getting eggs from the old girls.........

  5. Great blocks and I love the Henopause....:)


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