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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Oh what a wonderful morning it is today in Northeast Oklahoma. Makes me want to just stay outside and find some sewing to do out on the back porch. Which is what I'm going to do. 
While sitting here I see the container garden I started and realize I haven't written about how it faired this summer, I'll need to do that soon. Not now, it's Sunday.

I was able to get the binding on this week for my gingerbread wall hanging,

 and so I'm going to take time to enjoy this wonderful morning.

Now I was earlier reading some of the links that are here at Kathy's Quilt. And Kate over at Life in Pieces had a wonderful idea of what she was going to do with her Sunday, she called it her personal retreat day. I found that wonderful.
Taking some time to yourself and doing a craft that you enjoy and maybe listen to music, maybe a podcast or a book maybe nothing at all, just nature. How often do we get to do that.

I wish I could say I could take the whole day to do that also, but unfortunately I have to do a little catch-up this afternoon on task I didn't complete yesterday. 

One of them is cleaning the bedding for the check if starting to smell a little ripe.
And the other is to get "the man of the place" to help me when he gets back from hunting to get the Christmas stuff down out of the rafters in the garage.
That way I can go through them this week and keep what's good and toss what went bad.
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  1. The wall hanging is a delight, I love it a beautiful addition to the Christmas décor. I have spent the day making toppers for my Christmas gifts, a wonderful retreat.

  2. I cleaned out my Christmas décor a couple of years ago. It makes it much easier and pleasant to decorate when you know what you have in storage.

  3. Great design! I know chicks can get a bit stinky:( Do you usually get chicks this close to winter? Just curious....

  4. I haven't even thought of Xmas decorations but I guess it is a good time of year to sort and figure out what is needed - the hobby stores for sure are full of the stuff. I was on the porch too but the breeze was too much and I had to bring what I was working on back in before the pieces flew away! hexies might work instead

  5. The gingerbread quilt is TOO CUTE!

  6. So fun to be putting the binding on... it's my favourite... enjoy!

  7. The gingerbread people are oh so cute!

  8. Congrats on the finish. The gingerbread people are really cute. That will be fun to have up over the holidays. My retreat day was very nice. The only bad thing is it went really fast!


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