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Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh Darn

 Well I caught "the man of the place" cold. Been fighting congestion and sneezing all day. But it didn't stop me from sewing. 

I was able to get as you can see all of the truck blocks completed. Now tomorrow  I hope that I can finish the sashing and border and I'll be done. It is my OMG for January.

 Around us to the west was the prediction of ice but we were fortunate enough to just get some drizzle..... Cold drizzle.
 So this morning when I went out to let the chickens out of the coop they were so happy to be out even though the weather sucks. I've been letting them free range this past week. Well I thought I lost one because couple days ago I was counting and I only counted 18 and I should have 19. Well the next day the same thing when I put them to bed, there was 18. I guess I'm just losing my mind or something because tonight when I locked them up in the coop there were 19 and I counted them three times. I do not know where that other hen has been for the past few days  I wish I could tell which one it was but I still haven't figured it out.  But I'm happy there are 19 again.

 And then this morning when I was feeding the wild birds I noticed a female cardinal upside down next to the window in the living room, so I picked her up and put her on the windowsill. She did eventually did fly away.
 This happens quite often. 
The birds will fly into the window, sometimes they're just stunned like she is but other times unfortunately it kills them. Has any of you have this happen and if so is there anyway to stop them?  I haven't read anything that makes sense that I can do to stop these birds from flying into the window.  It's sad that some of them will end up dead because of it.

I'll end this on a good note now..... my cat Pete has become quite the stove cat.  He just loves laying next to the warm stove. I'll go and pet him and his fur is so warm, don't know how he can be comfortable with all that hair and then the hot heat on top of it but he does enjoy it.


  1. Sorry to hear you got the cold, I hope that it is soon gone. Beautiful sewing, the trucks are wonderful. I have heard that if you put black bird shaped stickers on your windows that discourages the birds, but I have no idea if it works or not.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. The red trucks are a delight, such a stunning quilt. Take care.

  3. I am not sure how to keep birds from flying into the windows almost every winter especially this happens, sometimes I will find a dead one but other times like you say they fly off. The is a cute truck quilt - a wall hanging for Xmas? glad the ice missed you and that your cold gets better, I have been lucky and not had one in a couple years other than very minor ones that only seem to last a couple days and do not get really bad. Maybe the chicken was hiding in the coop not wanting to get out in the cold?

  4. Feel better soon. Sure love your truck quilt and all the photos.

  5. I LOVE it! The quilt is so precious. I adore it!

    Feel better soon.

  6. We have our suicidal bird problem in the spring. We hang ropes of Mardi Gras beads in front of our picture window (because that is what we had on hand the first time). Once those beads are up no more birds die. Ours is not the classiest front window on the street but we are willing to make the sacrifice for the birds. I don't know how the beads would fare in your weather but they have lasted for years for us.

  7. my friend made origami black birds to hang in her window, seems to stop the suicide missions.

  8. Oh yuk, sorry you caught the cold. It's hard not to share such stuff with the family. I love the red trucks! It's going to be such a fun quilt. Hope you are feeling much better now and are enjoying warmer weather. I was ready for the sun this afternoon.


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