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Monday, January 9, 2017

What's Up

More like what has been up the past few days

Saturday morning was so cold and "the man of the place" needed help with putting out hay for the cows. I don't get to do every weekend because my father-in-law usually help but not when it's so cold.

Frost on the grass.

We bundled up and off we went.
I take pictures a lot of the time with my phone and can again now. Had the battery replaced after months of not being able to take more than one or two and then the battery would be drained. Didn't realize for awhile this was going on that it was all the battery faults. I should've know but when it finally would not take a charge it was duh moment. 

Here are some of the pictures from feeding

This girl can not resist playing in the newly made pile of hay. After the ring is removed they just have to root around and get playful.

Beside driving the old truck with the bales on it, my job is to cut and remove the netting.

Pretty Red cow looks like she could pop out that calf any day but I think it will be a couple more weeks before she does. I'll let you know when she does.
Most are due here in the next 30 - 60 days.

This is the biggest Elm tree I have seen. It's on my father-in-laws property. I bet its at least 100 years if not more.

This gives you a better idea how big it is.
My arm span is over 5 feet.
I love my marshmallow coat, that's what I call it cause I look like a toasted puff marshmallow.
It's a down coat and very warm. 


  1. I have a blue down coat that makes me look like a very overstuffed bundle too. not a marshmallow but it is warm and that is the point. Love see your cows and what you do. all of it makes our world a better place. thank you . and What a great TREE !! such a treasure to have.

  2. Big Tree!! warm here today - well be up to 60's for a several days

  3. Now that is what I call a big tree, a beautiful elm in all its glory such a delight. I am not envious of having to go out in those temperatures but what a joy to see the cattle. Take care.

  4. Love your cows my grandfather/grandmother raised a steer everyear for the freezer sometimes they would have a couple in the pen we (grandchildren unsupervised) would pull up big chunks /huncks of weeds (wild oats/wheat) put them in the feeding trough and when the cattle or calves would put their heads through to get the fresh greens we would try to (by climbing the fence/standing on the fence ) get aboard the cow /calf/steer some would continue to eat some back out so fast we were riding necks rather than backs some would walk way with us on
    Always the cattle won they got the food we got covered in cow sh-t
    But it was fun

    I am from California we always have hay baled in wire bales rectangular in shape three wire bales is what I remember and the wire was thick and had to be cut with wire cutters and the cut ends were sharp and the wire strong and hard to bend and control
    Your nets and round metal containers are new to me
    Of course the grandparents only raised one steer at a time and it had open hill side range and a pen with a feeding trough
    My father had horses and bought baled hay that was brought to each stall as flakes of hay in the feeding area

    Such great memories and I never broke a bone

  5. Fun pictures. Some of those girls do look ready to pop! It's been so cold and then so warm and then cold again. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind, is it winter or is it spring?

  6. Hungry cows don't wait for you to get the net or strings off......


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