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Monday, January 2, 2017

Pantry Challenge

Over at good cheap eats she has a challenge every January on eating from our pantry.

As she puts it is a way after all the overspending we did last month, it's time to save some from spending on groceries.

If you go to her blog you'll get more info on how she goes about it with some good tips.
I had forgotten about it until I saw her post for today and I have been doing this for 4 years now. past post

Well even tho it's the 2nd day, it's not too late and in a way without trying I have already been doing it seeing how I have been eating what we have on hand. Took a pork roast out for New Years day dinner with sides I already had. I had gone to the store last week so I'm good for a while with milk, eggs and fresh produce. My challenge for is too see how long I can without needing milk, eggs or produce.

Go check it out Jessica's blog and her many recipes.




  1. This reminded me of going through my pantry cupboard about two years back. Reason was that someone had posted on Facebook about getting food poisoning from expired mayonnaise. His wife purchased sale items in large qtys ...too large, as some went bad over time. Well I was surprised at the amount of expired items on my shelves...not ALOT, mind you, but at least five or six. Your post has inspired me to go through that cupboard again and see what I need, have, should use up, etc. I'll visit your friends' link too :)

    1. I'm glad that I gave you an inspiration and doing something we should all do. That will now be my reason to go through my cupboards. I was just going to use what I had without giving thought to anything that might be too old.

  2. We did that last week since Kiddo wasn't here and we didn't need lunches for work. We ate what was here.


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