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Monday, January 16, 2017

FAL Give In

Update; I missed the deadline. Thought it was another hour.
Oh well.

I have been going back and forth on whether I want to say a list of projects that need to be completed and publicly commit to. I am so eager to make a list but as time goes on I get sidetracked somehow and never seem to finish my list. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself. I know that I would put way too much and it would be unrealistic to do. 

But the clock is ticking and with just a few hours to go for the deadline I've given in.
I do want to say in my defense is that I did do a couple from the last time, just didn't post about them. 

Let's go to the list now.

1. From the last years list it's putting the binding on these 2 quilts. They are trimmed and ready, just need to make attach the binding.

2. Finish the top of Words to Live By . Needs the last border and I expect that's all that will get completed because I will be taking it to Pam at Sager Creek to do her magic quilting but she has a waiting list and it might be a year before I get it back.

3. Take The Vintage Christmas into Cliff, Pam's husband to have him quilt this one. He will have back to me before time's up for FAL. And have it binded.

4. I'm going to machine quilt the White Birches myself.

Decided to keep the list short so maybe I get a "feel good"
feeling if completed, which I believe is doable.


  1. A feast for the eyes today, you are one talented lady.

  2. Some lovely things that will be so lovely for you to have done and be able to put into use! Love the birches!

  3. It's a good list and one that's definitely doable. Good luck with your plans for the quarter.


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