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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

Last night I did do a little appliqueing,  
Have had this in my basket for years, it was a class sample and does not belong to any pattern. Figure no rush to getting it done so there it stayed for all this time.

Was able to get the black pieces sewn down. Giving my hand a rest tonight, give it a try again tomorrow.

Did work for a little on the Vintage Christmas.
I was spending part of my day packing up the last tree and taking down decorations.

Now it's official, Christmas 2016 is over.

Not going to take down this quilt tho.
This hangs in the livingroom and I think it looks good so it will stay up for a while more.

Needed to get some staples and produce today.
Plus I picked up what I needed to make my father-in-law chili and a chocolate pudding pie (his favorite).
With the possibility of bad weather he shouldn't be getting out. He is 84, lives alone and still drives. But doesn't need to when it bad out.
Spent 54.93 which brings my total for the month to 127.73.

I'm afraid I might be coming down with "the Man of the Place" cold. I sure hope not.

Till next time


  1. Hope you don't get the cold, a hot chilli might see it off! The quilt is stunning, I can see why you don't want to take it down, I wouldn't want to either!

  2. glad you got your groceries in and have your father in law taken care of - now you can stay in and take care of your cold! hope you do not get the ice.

  3. Good that you managed to get the groceries, now you need to take things easy and look after yourself. Love the quilt, I can see why you wouldn't want to take it down. Take care.

  4. I am loving your Vintage Christmas quilt progress. I bought the pattern too but have yet to get my fabrics together to make this sweet quilt. Thank You for the inspiration.

  5. I like your red pick up truck frames. Hope you haven't caught the cold, those are just miserable. It was warm enough on Sunday to brave the attic for the light and tree boxes. So our tree is down and back in the attic too. As DT says, it looks weird with it gone.


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