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Monday, January 30, 2017

What's Up 1.30.17

What's up on the wall is this coming months stash busters pattern.

Have all the single units sewn and or cut, ready to be assembled.

Referring to yesterday this is probably what I should of been working on but I had thought about it and I figure if I do not get this done before Thursday, I'll probably be capable of machine sewing before hand sewing.

While writing this made me think about when stash buster was happening and if I'll be able to go. And no I won't be able to go, it's the same day of surgery. BUMMER.

Oh well I can show it in Aprils meeting.

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  1. that is a nice looking pattern you have there! Are you getting the warm weather over in Oklahoma that we are in Arkansas?

  2. I'm wishing you a smooth surgical experience and the best outcome. The sooner done the sooner you will be healed!

  3. You will certainly be in my thoughts.

  4. That one went together really quickly. Hope the surgery goes well.

  5. A blue/white quilt is so classic and yours is so pretty!


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