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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

30's Club

Tonight is our monthly 30's Club at Sager Creek and we have a very good turn out. Must be because of the spring like weather we are having.  There was 16 of us.

So today I spent the day working on next months blocks. That leaves only one month left to do and boy will I be ready for this to be completed. 

Tonight I went home with all the completed blocks that I had made for the class. Even though I had made them, they stayed here at the shop. 

I have a setting I want to use that isn't the one that's in the book 

Like this one here's

Now I need to decide what I want to use for the color squares. I figure it will be another solid but needs to be 30's related colors.

My goal is to have this assembly by the April meeting. By then everyone have all the kits and maybe they'll  them done.  I'm hoping that this will give them ideas to consider.

Would like to show now the stuff others brought in for show and tell.

I have meant to give the link to Pam's YouTube videos that she film while demonstrating in class and here is the link.

We always have some sort of snack and most of the time I'll make something. This time I made a Hot Milk Cake. Someone suggested this cake and said that it would of been a cake that was around in the 30's. I did not have an old recipe to use so I looked it up online and found this one on the King Arthur Flour website.

Here is their recipe.

When we started this 7 years ago I had a bigger role in the class. Beside making the snack I would give some sort of talk relating to the depression.  Could of been fabric, patterns, designers, events, or maybe government related. We also covered foods, books, movies and other tips or household ideas.
The past 2 years it's been I only do the samples and I have to say it's been a nice change.

I wanted to do some more mowing today but it was so windy, nice and warm

I hope it's not windy tomorrow so I can get that part of the yard that is left to do. 
Someone had brought this in and not sure what it is.
She thinks it sewing related.
Does anyone have an idea what this is.

Also would like to say how sadden I feel to hear about the passing of Sue Garman.
I love her patterns and her creativity will be missed.
I do have only one of her patterns but there are so many more I would love to have.


  1. It looks like a vintage darning mushroom to me.

  2. can't tell what it is but love it! yes Sue's passing while expected because of the type of cancer came much too quickly. I made Sues Star Crazy pattern and loved it - very good directions. Many more I would like to make.

  3. What a fun get together with lots of pretty show and tells. I have two little cookbooks with depression recipes and stories...so interesting...I think that tool is to darn socks. Doesn't look the same as one my grandma had, but similar.

  4. You have a very talented group based on what was in the show and tell.


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