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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tib bits

 Today was an interesting day. I would imagine I have to say that more about the news, then my personal day. I have had the TV on and it kept me entertained most of the day. 

I kept myself busy with cutting out the pieces I needed for the Vintage Christmas quilt  I am now ready to assemble the trucks so it will finish the blocks. This is my OMG so hopefully if all goes right I will have that one completed by the end of the month. The top at least. 

Then I made some sauerkraut today I had two heads of cabbage I bought a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to make.

Finally got around to it. Looks like it'll make a good amount,

  a gallon as you can see.. 

 I was doing a little organizing in the sewing room and my basket of handwork which I have not touched in a while also needed some organizing. 

So I went through all the bags made sure everything was needed in them and then just put them back in the basket till I can get around to it.  Hopefully that won't be too long from now, seeing how I will need to heal some after surgery. Until then I will try short spurts of time working on some hand appliqué. I so miss working on hand appliqué. 

 I wasn't able to do any mowing today saying how it was just so windy, they said we had wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour and I would believe them. 

This morning it looked as though it rained but it hasn't. We are having a spring like day, warm and humid. 
 As the humid, warm air moves around, it condenses onto any surface it finds that is at or beneath the dew point, which is frequently the cement surface.
That is way it looks like this.

While doing a little organizing I had this box that I had forgotten about that I put the blocks in.. I was president of the local quilt guild here around 10 years ago and these were what they call  president blocks that they give you at the end of your term.

 It's an album quilt done in 1930s fabrics.  There's 33 blocks that have been signed by the makers, 15 of them were already embroidered by the maker 

 the other 18 of them were just signed either in pen or pencil that needed to have their signatures embroidered.  

I guess they could've stayed the way they were just signed but I would like them to be more consistent with the ones that were embroidered, so I will just embroider the signature that they put on the blocks and then I will assemble it. That was my original thought when I got them and it still my thought now, so that will go into my hand work basket. 

 Food pantry challenge is going along just fine. I haven't been to the store all week other than to buy some cold remedy stuff for "the man of the place"  seeing how he developed a cold unfortunately. Tonight we're having spaghetti, corn and a salad. There with spaghetti sauce with meat in the freezer that was left over at one time so I've taken that out and that is what will have tonight.

So far I've have spent 72.80 this month on groceries, doing well at eating up what's on hand. 


  1. you have had a busy day! I have never made sauerkraut - care to share how you do that? How long does it keep in that jar? Around here too it was spring! 72 for a high and still 66 right now in the evening - another day and then Friday the temps drop - looks like the incoming ice storm will skip Arkansas but well it get you?

  2. You certainly have lots of projects ready to go. We are eating out of the store cupboard and the freezer at the moment trying to empty them out. There is so much I could be here awhile.

  3. Oh I know those two ladies who's names are on your blocks. I'm a member of that guild. I'd like to try making sauerkraut one day.

  4. You got a lot of organizing done. It's amazing how warm it was mid week and then how cold it got by Friday. Of course this is Oklahoma, the weather is always interesting around here.


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