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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Simple Woman's Daybook

I have over the past seen others who had written this Simple Woman's Daybook and enjoyed reading what they had wrote.
I liked the concept and what can come from it.
So I've decided that this year with the blog I'm going back to what I started with. Writings of more than just quilting. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to share my quilting but I will include more about the farm, other interests, ideas and experiences.
One will be the introduction of my monthly Simple Woman's Daybook.
So here goes

For Today

Looking out my window I see a small herd of deer eating corn that we put out there for them.

I am thinking about starting my sister's quilt. Would like to give it to her for her birthday this year.

I am thankful for so many things but if I had to favor one right now it is a warm fire to heat the house on a bitter cold day.

One of my favorite things is to go for a walk on a cold day. I find it very refreshing. 

I am sewing the rest of the Farmer's Wife 1930's blocks. A few more and will be time to put it together.

I am wearing comfy pajama right now.

My Struggle, Book 1 Audiobook

I am reading and almost done with My Struggle, Book 1 by  Karl Ove Knausgaard. Been an interesting read which I had learned about by visiting  Ginny at Small Things. She has a weekly link up where you share what you are working on and reading. Have come up with some good reads I've enjoyed. 

Image result for game of thrones

I am watching the entire 6 seasons of Game of Thrones. Over the New Year's weekend "the man of the place" and I started from the beginning and now we are up to season 5. We haven't seen this series up to now and we are enjoying it so far. 

I am hoping to do some traveling this year. Nothing too far, maybe discover more of what Oklahoma has to offer.

I am learning that I like less clutter around me. Thinking I must minimize more.

In my kitchen I'm busy figuring out how to use up what I have in the pantry and freezers for the pantry challenge. Tonight's dinner was all I had on hand and made taco's with the rest of the pork roast.

In my garden is nothing.

I hope that is was not too boring, I did enjoy writing this. Made me think about things I normally don't put to words.
If you like reading mine there are others who do the same thing here at Peggy's Blog 


  1. Seeing the deer like that from your window was a real joy, you are certainly blessed with great views.

  2. I think I have that pattern that you show- nothing wrong with including more than quilting in your blog - after all we are more than quilters aren't we. I always love to see a variety in a blog - if not it gets a little stale. I didn't watch the Game of Thorns, I might need to check it out, I'm always done with the newest part of the Hell on Wheels series and I think it might be wrapping up to an end

  3. It's nice to see what someone else day is like, mine would be full of meetings, no fun to read about. Love the picture of the deer.

  4. Another friend Elisa does this also........I enjoy reading her thoughts...... Enjoy doing this this year......

  5. What a beautiful quilt for your sister. That will be lovely indeed.

    I love wildlife and appreciate you sharing the photo of the little herd of deer. Wonderful.

    I've been doing the Daybook entries for some time now; I always enjoy the process of creating my posts ... and then being able to visit other blogs to catch glimpses of other people's lives. Makes life interesting.

    Wishing you a beautiful new year.

  6. I loved reading what you wrote and your choice of pictures made it come alive. I will for sure be back for another visit to your corner of bloggy world.

  7. What a treat to see so many deer! The quilt you want to make is beautiful. I agree re: clutter. I'm trying to do some decluttering here as well.

  8. those deer!!! I don't mind them in my yard during winter...but come summer---stay out of my garden!!
    What a lovely quilt--your sister is lucky!


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