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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chicken and yogurt

Today I was cleaning out the frig, I do this on occasion and it is amazing the things I find. Usually it is something that got push to the back and by the time I find it again I can not remember how long it has been there. I have been looking for a new frig and I'm thinking that the ones with the freezer on the bottom, I will be able to see whats in the back of the shelfs, at least that my hope.

Any way I found some yogurt and could not remember when I made it, suggestion; always write on calendar when made. So I thought I would give it to the girls. Put it on a plate and then walked outside to  the yard, called the girls. Here they come running up and if you every seen chickens run, it is really funny.

They looked at the plate but would not get close enough to taste it, just look
Things like this makes me realize why we use the word "chicken" when someone is hesitant or scared to try something new.

I wasn't sure why, maybe the girls just don't like it.
So I scraped it off the plate onto the grass so I could take it in the house to wash. But before I could make it to the door what do they do but go running up to it and started eating. Now what  picky eaters.
Ate it all up, if they had a plate I would say they made a happy plate.

Since I clipped their wing they have been staying in there yard and I have been getting a dozen or more eggs a day. I think all the new girls are laying now. Sometimes the first egg will be really small like this one.
 Isn't it cute . 
It would take a heck of a lot of them to make an omelet.
Till next time

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  1. I love chickens with all their idiosyncracies!! We do get a lot of expressions from them - the best being "pecking order". By the way - I am goldencomet - named after the breed of chicken with feathers the colour of my hair LOL!!


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