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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Crumbs

I made my first crumb blocks and I feel like a new quilter. It was fun making these unstructured blocks. I am such a person who has to have my sewing to be perfect. So this has been enlightening

This one is a little too dark.

This one is so much better

This one actually looks better in person

Again my camera has not done this block justice.  I think they look good, I just wish you could see what I see.
For more about what this crumbie business is all about you need to jump over to Jo's Country Junction or the button on the side. Each week I'll show you my progress. I doubt that this will make a dent in my scrap pile(s) and I mean piles.
Today I was helping Pam at Sager Creek at their shop for the Shop Hop that is going on so I did not have time today to dig out all my scraps but I will and show you. I have been saving my scraps for over 20 years, so does that give you a little idea.

Till next time


  1. Kat, Your geese are soooo great! It's way harder than it looks to get them to look that wonky. Ask me how I know!

  2. My husband would love your blocks, not a pink in sight,ha,ha! Your blocks look wonderful.

  3. We must be "sew"l sisters...I've been saving scraps for over 20 years also!! I love how your crumb blocks are coming out. I am looking forward to seeing future ones!


  4. Great blocks! Would love to see your 20 year crumb collection!

  5. I haven't been quilting for long, but I have already 3 large totes of crumbs/scraps - don't throw a thing out. Love your blocks and glad you are free to 'loosen' up a little.


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