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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Crumb Pile

OK, I said in a post a few days ago that I have been saving my scraps of fabric for many years, after I thought about it probably  more like 30 than 20, with a few pieces that could be even older. I use to sew for my girls when they were little and the oldest is now 38 years.
So here goes. 
 Now here it is, the HEAP in the middle is what was in my sewing room. The clear tubs (and there is one behind the HEAP) are from the past five years. And then the boxes are the older scraps. At one time I had gone and divided them according to colors, you can make out some of them. So what do you think, will I have enough.
Believe it or not I have even made a few quilts already using some of my scraps.

Now when I was  in Loveland Co. last month I saw this quilt and fell in love with it. Perfect for using up some of the scraps. ( You like how I admit it will only use some).

I wish I could remember who made it, I think it was a guild raffle quilt but do not know that for sure. I good scrap quilt.

So is there any hope for me, the only thing I can say in my defense is that I live what I believe and that is to not waste anything, our resources are limited here on earth.

Till next time


  1. What a heap of scraps!!!! Such fun! Lovely scrap quilt - I may have to put it on my GDISD (gonna do it some day) List. Have a great week!!


  2. I have that quilt half made...must dig it out!
    That is one amazing scrap collection...you definitely have "enough" there to make a quilt or two! LOL!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a compliment, Kathleen. My string borders just kind of happened as I was adding to make the star block 6" and when I put the two blocks side by side to take a picture, I decided I really liked the effect - I think I'll continue in the same vein to make a star border. Plus having been through making a crumb quilt with lots of little pieces and mega seams, I know that a long side with no seams on at least one side of a block will make it easier to join multi-seamed blocks later.

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  4. Now that's a LOT of scraps! I thought my scrap-stash was large but yours take the cake (I'm almost jealous!). That quilt you like so well is from Bonnie Hunter's (http://quiltville.blogspot.com/) Roll, Roll Cotton Boll mystery. She'll have it in her next book, coming out next year.

    Good luck with your scrap along blocks!



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