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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some of This and That

It has been a couple of days since I last post and it is not because I could not think of anything but because I have been busy doing a little of this and that.
So bear with me and I will just be somewhat general in giving you some updates of my doings.
Do not want to bore you.
But where do I start, let's see Monday I was able to finish another snowman block.
I have 2 block left and then need to assemble. Oh ya and all those snowflakes. That evening I did crochet 2 more but I'll wait to show you those when I have more. And being able to buy them by the bag at Hobby Lobby is a no, they do not have them this year. I guess I'm just going to have to keep crocheting.

I also made some Red Pepper Jelly from chili peppers I grew this year. I had 5 plants of various kinds and I thought I had pick some really hot ones but I guess not because my jelly just has enough kick to it to know it's chili but not enough to make you want to pull your tongue out.

I'm thinking as a glaze on some baked chicken.

I also finished another scarf with that cool netting type yarn plus started one for myself.

Yesterday I was out and about to my stitch group and running errands. One of those errands was to pick up the quilt I had left at Janet L. to quilt for me. This quilt was part of a bible study we were doing at my church. It was develop by a Methodist minister, Rev. Connie Taylor here in NE Oklahoma. Our study was on 12 women of the bible, Sisters in Scripture. So each woman had a quilt block to represent her. I  had made one for myself a couple of years ago when I attended Rev. Taylor's bible study group and this past year she gave us her blessing to have a study group at our church. So each month I would give a pattern and tips on how to put the block together. So this is my demo quilt.
I'm putting the binding on and then next week it will be displayed and raffled off at our church's annual quilt show
. We have a show which the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. So if you are in the Locust Grove area Friday and Saturday, Oct. 7 & 8, admission is free. We will have a display of the other quilts made from this pattern plus quilts that have been entered in the show. It will be at The First United Methodist Church there in Locust Grove OK.
OK enough of the plugging for the show

I have been trying to get my fall garden in but am not being very quick at it. I had to finish digging up the potatoes first so I could use that bed to plant the spinach, beets, lettuce, kale and radishes in.
When all was done I had dug up close to 50 lbs of taters. These are the last ones, around 35 lbs
 So now the bed is ready for me to prepare and plant
This is one of the 25 ft. beds I have. As you can sort of see the garden is need of my attention. Whats behind me is needing a lot. But I'll wait on that. First things first.
And the broccoli I left in as to see if I would get any harvest from, somewhat worked, it had a flower head but was very small and not worth keeping so I gave it to the chickens. Plus the bugs had a heyday with eating up all the leaves, grasshoppers I think. We have had a lot of them this year.

The chickens were happy.

So I hope I did not bore you too much, maybe there was something in there you found interesting. All I can say is that each day is a blessing and brings me new challenges.

Till next time

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