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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tales of a Retreat

I'm back from the best retreat so far I have been to. I had so much fun and some of which I can not show ( had to do with a sock monkey) due to ratings on this blog. But it was hilarious.
I must of had too much fun because I do not have anything completed to show you.. I was trying to finish the Hunter Star I have been working on. But no, its still not done   
There was 29 of us and the lodge we were in was wonderful. It is at Lake Fort Smith State Park in Arkansas located in part of the Boston Mountain range.
This is the hallway to our rooms but you can see how nice and rustic this lodge is and the rooms were nice and very comfortable, can't say that about some of the places I have stayed at.

This is a view of half of the great room where we set up our machines and stuff. Out those doors in the back was a deck where I spend a good amount of time doing piecework. I was out there working on trying to figure out another snowflake and I found out that Darlene knew how to crochet so she was giving me lessons. I had to go do something and when I put down my work the needle fell and went between the broads on the deck. Now I know about the Bermuda Triangle somewhere out in the ocean but I did not know about the one under that deck. That deck was off the ground by 7 - 8 feet so you could stand under it. And there was 5 of us looking, no luck so then we got a flashlight to see if it would reflect off the metal needle. No luck there either, so then we got a magnet wand  just in case it was under the dirt but no. We did not find it just like it sucked into nowhere.
There were others who did get their projects done, Sonya started and finish this quilt while there

This is a design of her own that she made up while she was there. Some people are just that way.

I bet I gained 5 pounds just in that weekend because we had the best meals cooked by Grace. She had spent so much time cooking she wasn't able to get much sewing done (that wasn't my excuse).

 She is the most generous, funny and creative lady.
And an excellent cook.
And I was lucky to  receive a couple of her recipes.
Well I'm sad to say I have nothing to show you except these happy words.

Till next time

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  1. What a beautiful place to have a Retreat. Sorry about your needle. But it's one of those stories that will be in your mind every time you think about this Retreat. Love the little quilt your friend created. Glad you had a good time!


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