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Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh more crumbs

OK here is my 3rd weeks attempt at my crumbs into blocks.
I am learning lots from not measuring or using a proper seam allowance.
You can see from star that it is so much easier not to have points on my star, I realized what I was doing wrong, it's all in the placement.

The ones that where you just sew bits and pieces to is so relaxing. I really like doing these.

The hearts are so easy. If it wasn't for wanting to get this posted before I left the house, I would have zillions of them (OK maybe not zillions, but more for sure).

If you have not tried these process before (like me) give it a shot. You might like it.
Check out Jo's Country  , she'll get you started

Till next time


  1. I agree, as much as I love the hearts and stars I find the random ones so much more relaxing!

  2. I like the hearts the best, I think maybe I could do those! Well...maybe! ;)

  3. Kat - Your heart blocks are fantastic!! Love all your fabrics you used!

  4. I agree - the hearts were fun to make and they go so quickly. So much fun seeing everyone's finished blocks.

  5. You are absolutely right about how relaxing this is. It sounds as if you are having as much fun as I am.

  6. I am glad you're liking the crumb process. Everything is looking good :)


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