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Friday, September 2, 2011

Let it Snow

I'm dreaming of a winter wonderland, or at least a cool down. The weather forecast for this part of Oklahoma is saying that in a couple of days we are suppose to have cooler temps.
After this past summer I'm  ready 
 The snowman quilt I'm working on needs snowflakes. I know how to crochet (not well) and I thought I would give it a shot at making them.
This is the results of my first attempt.
(After ripping it out at least 6 different times, trying to figure out)

I know, maybe I should stick to knitting. At least I know how to do that . And if all else fails Hobby Lobby sells them in bags.

And looking at the quilt there are a few (dozens) snowflakes on it.
That bag is looking good.

Till next time,

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