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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finially, fingers crossed

Now I just love having the Internet and all but I am having troubles with the server or something and I am so frustrated I could spit nails.
I have been trying to post this since last night.
So I am making it quick just in case I lose my signal again.
I was not able to get all I hoped to but I did pretty well.

I was able to finish adding the circles and bottom leaves (?) but did not get the last 2 birds on. Now I can start stitching those down.

I was able to finish the yellow circles and glue baste them on. Now I am ready to stitch this block.

And I did finish the snowman block. The cutest. My daughters have seen me work on this and they all have put in their requests, 3 daughters and one quilt, what is a mother suppose to do.
I ran out of time and I did not get the pattern drawn (?) for my Vintage Garden quilt.
Maybe this weekend. Today our stitch group meets so I'll get busy on what I have prepared.
Fingers crossed, that this goes out to y'all.

Till next time

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