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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun Time

I hope y'all had I good Labor Day. I did and our weather took a turn for the better. The man of the place and I went to Prairie Grove, Arkansas to the Clothesline Craft Fair. This was the first time we had ever been there and it was a fun event. I found a few items that just had to come home with us. I even poised myself for a picture on an antique tractor
I really need to bring "the man of the place" into the 21st century. I sat there for probably five minutes before he was able to figure out how to use my i-phone's camera. It was fun to sit there on that tractor and  it was very popular with the crowd for I had to wait for my turn. Why, I'm not sure, other than it was only 1 of 3 Fords tractors among a mess of John Deer's. I told  "the man of the place" I need a tractor this size, his are a lot bigger and I look good on this one.
I found this gentlemen who made wooden boxes out of all different types of unusual woods. He had ones made out of  sassafras, box elder and sycamore. I picked sycamore because I do not have anything made from that type of tree. 
Then there was a couple that used old tires and made them into bird feeders. Pretty clever and resourceful.
   They have a blog you can check out and have a better look at what they make. tirebirdfeeders

Then I found a cute little pincushion

We love to go to to flea markets and antique shops so that is what we did on the way home. That is when I found some really neat items.

I bought some plain flour sacks. I have a collection of blocks that were made with 30's fabric and feed sacks so I figure when I put them together I'll use these sacks for the back.
Then I found this blue and white quilt. I do not collect that many old quilts but when I do, I go for blue and white or any quilts with leaves or tree blocks. I figure that way I can keep my collection to a manageable amount. It does has some wear but to the most part it is in good shape. Pete likes it.

I am looking for the name of this block, if you know I would love to know.

So as you can see, I thought it was a good day all around
Till next time

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