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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One down, three to go

I have the first of 4, of the Ruby's Gardens done and the fabric picked out for the next one.

It has been so stinking hot that I do not dare go outside after I come in from working in the garden. By then I am heated and tired and just want to hibernate inside.
I had no intentions to work in the garden this morning seeing how it was near 80 at 7:00, other than watering the new seeds planted but this one bed has been driving me nuts since I've been home. 

My garden and that beds looked like this 6 weeks ago before I left 

As you can see I had planted cabbage in this bed. 
Now my garden looks like a jungle.
I made it through only weeding half the bed before I got overheated. I wanted to get it all gone but it was just too hot and this was before 9:00. I just can't work out in this heat like I use to.

I had harvested 5 heads cabbage and meant to get to the others before the rain hit last week.  
But I put it off and now my crop has rotted because I waited too long.

Poor cabbage plants

Stay cool.


  1. Such a shame about the cabbage, they go so quickly in that heat don't they!!! I can't imagine it, we are still quite cool here.

  2. Oh I remember the cool days and can't wait for them to return. I'm not a summer girl. You would think I would be since I'm from sunny California.


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