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Monday, June 29, 2015

Whats up

What's up on my design wall, it is what I left there Saturday. 

It's the second of the four Ruby garden quilts. Have all the blocks made and all thats needed to do, is assemble. Hope I can get that done today but don't know.
 I didn't sleep very well ... I'm tired and don't know how much I'll be able to get done today. 
Right now I feel overwhelmed, a lot of times I do just fine.
 I will just work and do the best I can. But then there's days like this when I'm tired and will go into my sewing room and just don't know where to start.
So I thought I'll make myself go for my walk this morning and see if  that helps. And it did to some degree. 
But I'm still tired.... maybe a nap this afternoon will help me. 
Seeing how that I'm close to finishing #2...  started laying out fabric choices for #3... which will be mine. 

Just love blues, and so started picking out some pieces from my blue piles. I'm not totally convinced yet that these are my choices but this is a good start

I have to remember this:

I've linked up to many on the Monday linky party


  1. I love these beautiful rose garden quilts! Love the fabric you have used for this one! :) x

  2. I totally understand feeling so tired that you don't feel like crafting. When I am that tired I worry that I will make a bunch of mistakes. I hope you are more wide awake now and feel like sewing. Beautiful quilt.

  3. Naps help so much!! How you're feeling less tired soon. In the mean time, enjoy the naps :)

  4. Love the embroidered blocks. I enjoy embroidery, I find it very relaxing. Blue quilts rock! I plan to start a Nearly Insane in January pieced in blues and a touch of yellow.

  5. Hey, #2 is looking great, Kathleen. :) "Tired" seems to be going around quite a lot these days. It sure is difficult to motivate ourselves amidst that, especially on these projects that go on and on and on. I'm having troubles making myself work on the wedding and Marine quilts, so hopefully putting a good movie in will make it less tiresome to get working on the wedding quilt applique that I need to attend to right now. Hope you get your mojo flowing soon this week!

  6. Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party. I loved seeing all the blocks of your second Ruby garden up on your design wall and then reading your most recent post to see it finished. It turned out beautifully!


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