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Friday, June 26, 2015

A love for IKEA

Well no Friday Finish ...
I didn't finish the top like I was hoping to do. I do
have all the blocks now completed ready to assemble

Here where I live in northeast Oklahoma the closest IKEA to me is in Dallas Texas. And that is approximately a 6 hour drive from here. Being so far I have to admit I have never just gone to Dallas to go to IKEA. But when I drive to California, I make a point of going to the IKEA near my daughters house.
 Now my interior design is not considered modern, I like the Arts and Crafts style of the early1900s.
But I always fine lots of goodies when I do go to IKEA.

 I found some neat things to use in the sewing room. 
And some utensils to use in the kitchen.
Here are some pictures of what I found and came home with

All for the sewing room


Cool box for newspapers

Runner for side board

The white containers under the bed, love them... cause they hold some much and fit perfect under the bed. Now I need some for under our bed.
There were other items I would of loved to of had but just wouldn't fit in my Subaru after all the other stuff I had to pack in it. 
Would love to have some of their shelving for the sewing room.

I hoping there will an IKEA here in Oklahoma soon. 
I know I'm excited that a Costco and Trader Joe's will open this fall in Tulsa finally.
That would make life better.


  1. Oh your quilt is looking great... hope you find some sewing time soon! As for IKEA...I am such a fan. Luckily there is one here in Cincinnati... I have that cart is turquoise and that light in white and I think I need to go and check out that box with the slide out trays... great stuff... happy stitching!

    1. I fell in love with turquise one too but didnt think it would go in my room. The box with the slide out tray I found in the office supply area.

  2. I LOVE Ikea! There's none in Idaho but when we got to Oregon I always go there. We bought our new bathroom cabinet/sink, mirror cabinet, stool, shower curtain for our bathroom remodel, excellent quality. I have the same cheese grater and bought runners there too! I could get lost there:) They also have great cheeses, crackers, chocolates. I have a similar cart from Cost Plus, great for storage. Love them! Probably won't open one here :(

    1. Haven't tryed the cheese grater yet, good to know it you liked it. I like their meatballs.

  3. IKEA...did someone say IKEA??? Lets go shopping! I haven't been as enchanted with anything as much as that place. When they opened in Denver, I was not going to make the trek to the other side of the city... Well, that lasted for about 2 minutes. I can't keep myself out of that place anymore. My sewing room, kitchen and bathroom are all IKEA. Now I have to put myself of an IKEA time out! LOL! What a beautiful quilt, what a fun one to quilt!

    1. That is funny, I'm affraid I would have to also.

  4. their knifes stay sharp for years unlike Walmarts

    1. haven't tryed them, good to know.
      Thank you for letting me know

  5. There's an IKEA in Kansas City now. Road trip??

    1. Hmm that's pretty close to about the same distant.
      Road trip might be in my future.

  6. There is not an Ikea near me either I call in when I visit my daughter. Love the sewing room additions.


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