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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finially some hand quilting

I told myself this morning that seeing how it was going to be so blasted hot and humid... humidity at 84% right now.... that I would just take a break today and not do anything but water my seeds and come back in. 
Can I do that!!!!
Oh no, took my walk and planted some herbs and lettuce.
It's like once I get outside I just can't stop,
Not until the heat gets to me and I'm almost falling over.
Which a day like today wouldn't take very long.

So after a shower and lunch I spent the afternoon quilting. I've been trying to do a little each day but sometime that just doesn't happen.
Today I spent a good part of the day quilting and watched a few episodes of Mr Selfridge. I'm now on season 2 and enjoying every one of them.

I was able to finish this part and moved my hoop and completed this part.

And now I'm on to this part. 

I'm over halfway done, 

this half is completed and

this half is what I'm working on.
Since I quilt in a hoop I can lay it out and see all my work and how it looks. The only tough part at times is the fact that it is a large quilt and can get heavy after awhile. A strain on my left arm but propping it on a pillow helps.
Won't let it stop me tho.


  1. Wonderful quilt, love the setting and colors.
    Your handquilting looks great and you are far along already.


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