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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Not as Planned

My day did not go as I had planned this morning. I figured I would work outside for a couple hours and come inside to clean up, then spend time in the sewing room all afternoon.
It look good on paper but not in reality...
I did spend the morning outside but longer than I thought I would. First on all the humidity was lower than it has been so I was able to last longer working.  I was out there from 7 to 11am...was able to plant seeds for zucchini and butternut squash, weed some more (which I bet will take me all this month to get it cleaned up).

Was working in the bed with the onions and like the peppers... there are some in there

There they are

The front porch finally was cleaned up of all the fallen bird seed and fall decorations. Pretty sad that I had not gotten to that before now but seeing how I live in the boonies and do not have company very often it was easy to put it off.
Well by the time I came in and shower, it was lunch time. And like my grandsons many times after lunch I get tired and take a short, refreshing nap. Today I must of worked harder than I thought cause I slept 2 hrs which just messed up my plans for sewing.
I did not get to sew but I did work on some applique

Not what I planned on but still was able to do a little something.

One of the books I listen to while driving home from California was the Blue Zone Solution and was interested in trying some of the recipes. I made one from the book and here is a  link to Blue Zone Website to learn more about the book.

Made a rice and beans dish that was very good with some homemade corn tortillias. If you have had fresh tortillias you know how yummy they are and if you like,  here is a site that gives great instruction. Rick Bayless's website for corn tortillias

I was able to use my new press in making them

Makes perfect tortillias.
 Should be able to sew tomorrow seeing how it is going to be stinking hot and humid. I might take the day off from working outside..



  1. Not the day you planned but a very constructive one indeed. The garden is certainly taking up a lot of time at the moment but we will reap the rewards.

  2. I hear you! There's always something to do!

  3. Since you got so much done, hopefully it made it easy to ignore the nagging thought that you should be doing something else besides stitching.


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