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Monday, June 8, 2015

Whats Up 6/8

The same blocks have been up on my wall since I left last month.
Friday evening I arrived back home and have been so busy getting caught up with cleaning and working in the garden that I haven't even thought about sewing.

Seeing how I ran around town taking care of errands this afternoon ... I should have the next few days to work on projects in the afternoon. 
The mornings are devoted to working out in the garden. In California the weather was perfect, they can use some rain tho.
Not like here in Oklahoma... while I was gone it rained pretty much the whole time, along with unusual cool temps. 
So certain plants did not grow very much or like the strawberries which had too much moisture - rotted.
The weeds flourished.

There are bell peppers planted in this bed, so after an hour of weeding you can now see them. Like I said the peppers did not care for the weather this past month. I can not say I like the weather we are having now...Yuck HUMIDITY  

The 2 blueberries plants liked it

Nothing like fully ripened berries. YUM  YUM

I hope to show some progress the next few days.
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  1. Those blueberries look good. We have had a lot of rain here lately too but things a re starting to pick up so hopefully the garden will thrive.

  2. It was definitely a soggy May here in Oklahoma. Hopefully that wasn't it for the rain for the year. Else we are going to have a long, hot, dry summer.


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