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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Little Progress

It's the same story, hot and humid. In fact its a little more intense but the weather is to change this weekend and I'm looking forward to spending more than just an hour or two outside.

But while I'm stuck inside, I am taking this opportunity to getting a little progress on a few projects.

The second Ruby's garden is almost ready to assemble. Lacking just 8 of the smaller outer blocks. 

Now by making the center unit in the alternate block lighter sure gives it a different look. I like it but at first I didn't. I liked how the first one turned out but this started to grow on me while I was adding block up on the wall.

My plan is to get this one finished tomorrow... making it maybe my Friday Finish.

I spent some time today quilting. Was able to watch 2 more episodes of Mr. Selfridge. I was thinking that I probably get more done if I wasn't looking up all the time watching TV.

Finished this portion 

and this part is next. 
I use a 14" hoop and I'm able to quilt about a 12" section at a time.

This evening I will work on a block of "Words to Live By" There is a lot of small pieces in this one so it seems to taking me a long time to finish. 

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  1. This second one is going to be pretty, too, Kat. :) Love the block you're working on.


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