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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New quilt


I'm doing the free BOM Cozy Afternoon from Jacquelynne Steves which she started this month
I decide to do mine in embroidery work.
I'm going to make it for my mom who is basically disabled cannot get up and about very much so I thought it would be a perfect little lap quilt for her. Now my mom, she taught me how to do embroidery work, she did beautifully embroidery work herself. So I figured in honor of her I would do embroidery.
Now I need to decide on color. I thought about the 30's fabrics.... I have such a large collection and they are bright and cheery, I think she would like that.

The other thing I'm working on today if prepping my ruby garden blocks that I have embroidered by washing out the markings. Some only need a spray of water and

a few needed to soak for a minute Then dry and press them to be ready to be  trimmed up to the proper size

I love my Tucker Trimmer, this is the large one
It is so eay to line up my work to make sure it is all even on all four sides. These are 8" blocks and the regrestartion lines go in bothe direction, not one like omnigrid.

I find my omnigrid just so cluttered with lines which makes it so hard to figure out where to place to trim.  I will always go to my Tucker Trimmer for trimming up my blocks whether its embroider, appliqued or pieced.

And while they are drying, I'm going to go ahead and start with the alternate box. 

As you can see from the photo I have been collecting fabric for years.
Seeing how long it's been taking me to do these for quilts -  years seven to be exact
And I decided I'm going to make each one slightly different in color selection because I do you have such a large variety of fabric and plus I want to match it to my daughters personality.
I'm excited that I have gotten to this point now - it's been a long  - and so it's nice to know I'm in the homestretch


  1. What a wonderful choice of BOM and technique for your mom's lap quilt. A charming pattern to start with, and embroidery to be able to enjoy up close on top of that. Especially if she's the one who taught you, and she knows the value of the work that goes into it.

  2. Such beautiful embroidery, made with love for your Mum a lovely thoughtful gift.

  3. Love your block, what a great BOM !


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