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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Binding Blitz Quilt

I like what Julie is doing on her blog, encourages me to put bindings on a small pile of quilts I have in the spare bedroom. 
This quilt was  a round robin I was very lucky to be part of and it was because I'm friends with Pam who owns Sager Creek Quilt shop. And she is a close friend to the others who were part of the group. All very talented designers, published quilters. 
Talk about being out of my league, at least that's the way I felt but by the end of this robin, I felt better about my own skills. Still not near theirs tho.

The other round robin members were;
Pam Goggan
Elsie Campbell
Donna Lynn Thomas
Marilyn McSpadden

Talk about a lot of talent.
Thank you ladies

Well back to my quilt

Pam Goggans did the quilting and it is spectacular

I had fun playing around with the special effects on the photos

This picture is my representation of Christmas in July

I hope the info I shared on Sunday helped. I know the technique for the mitered corners turns out some pretty, clean and flat corners

Hope you check out the others at JulieKQuilts

I can say now this WIP is done. Yeah
Thank you


  1. Now that's a very pretty quilt! :D I'm jealous. I'd love so much to be in a round robin group of high talent!

  2. Beautiful quiltl, congratulations on this stunning finish.

  3. A beautiful quilt, the fabrics are a real delight. You are all so talented, I am in awe...

  4. hey I got a quilt finished this month also..........yippee.......

  5. Beautiful! It is a beautiful quilt and it is beautiful that you finished it!

  6. What a sweet finish for you!

  7. What a great feeling, that you beautiful quilt is now DONE!


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