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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Pantry Challenge

I was the other day blog hopping on my own and came across a new blog good cheap eats .She must of been  having the same brain waves I was having the other day and thought the same thing. You see I was suppose to get that new fridge the other day, (did not come in yet), so I had been thinking for the past couple of weeks how I need to empty out the old for the new. I was also thinking I should stretch it out to  include also the freezer(s) in the garage. Then I came across the pantry challenge. So why not take a challenge where I can eat from my pantry, clean out and organize the freezers and also my mess in the pantry. You see how do I know what I have until I get in there and see but right now I have to dig.

You need to see what I'm dealing with and I feel like I'm about to show you my private undie drawer or something. Nobody looks in these spots but "the man of the place" and I.  Deep breathe, OK,  here goes;

Old freezer.

Old fridge

The big upright freezer in garage

The door to the upright

I called this the old 'deep freeze glaciar' freezer,
Needs to be defrosted

The pantry

So by the looks of it we should have no problem eating from my pantry and such for at least a month.
I  hope my stitching buddy Pam doesn't see this, she would be shocked or maybe not.  I need her to come over and give me organizing tip and tricks. She is the most organized person I know. 
I give myself until next week to get all these areas organized and I will post the results. I should have my new fridge by then too.

Till next time

P.S. This should be my last post on this laptop, the replacement is in route to be deliver and I hope to have it up and running by this evening


  1. Samantha, Idaho, USJanuary 6, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    If you think your freezer and pantry's a mess, you ain't been at my place yet. There is worse, believe me....!

  2. Mine, too. I recently had to get a new fridge, and some of the pickles were 4 years out of date. Now it's almost empty and I don't want to buy groceries in case it gets full again!


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