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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hodge Podge Monday

That is how I feel this morning, I have a hodge podge of thoughts in my mine. For family and friends, they know I live with my to do list/clip board and if I do not have it I'm lost. I'm sitting here this morning trying to get my idea of what I need to do today and this coming week and all I have a cluttered mess in my head. I'm afraid my post is going to reflect that also.

First this is what's up on my wall and whats on my table

And these projects will also go on my to do list and I going to put it out there.

1. Finish putting the sampler together

 2. Start Morris Meadows by Michelle Hill
3. Finish cleaning out the pantry

4. Do some more quilting on my 30's quilt.

That's my short list
Now I have a question about the stash report, I started this year but really not sure about what can be counted as usage. Can we count UFO's we are working on?
If you can leave an answer in comments or email me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Till next time

I linked this to BOM Monday at What a hoot?


  1. Oh...love Morris Meadows...don't have any yet, but hope to soon. Needle turn applique is not my thing, but I really like 'morris'....so have been collecting a variety of fabrics and patterns to do something with this idea at some point in time. I look forward to watching your progress!

  2. Wow!! Your sampler looks fabulous with all the blocks up there! And Morris Meadows is making me drool. :) I really love what I can see of your 30's quilt. Being a history chick, I've got to make one in the next couple of years. Finishing an early 1800s replica right now, have a late-1800s ready to get quilted and a medieval illumination-inspired UFO, with colonial reproduction fabrics waiting in the back wings. I also want reproduction quilts for the 30s and the WWII era. (Thanks for mentioning BOMs Away) :D

  3. Putting the sampler together would be on the top of my list. You are so close to being done.


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