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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Its done

Well I finished the appliqueing and putting the blocks together, YEA

I live out in the country and at the mercy of our local telephone company providing our internet service and at times it sucks, right now my speed is 26 mbps. Suppose to be 56 - 65 mbps.
Taking a long time to get things done so I'm making this post a short one.
Till next time


  1. Your quilt is Beautiful! Awesome work,well done! Hope your internet speed improves soon.

  2. Your quilt is amazing!! What a wonderful quilt to have finished. Hope whatever is slowing down your service is soon fixed.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Love your appliqué with pieced blocks between.

  4. this is stunning! oh I hate slow internet, we live in the sticks too, a new neighborhood (10 houses or so) was promised internet when we moved in 3 yrs ago, had an air card in the window for the first year- just a tad faster than dial up and for 60$ a month! century link said they would come, then not, then yes, then no.... oh they gave us the run around, until some of us went to a legislative meeting to allow local towns to provide internet if they chose to, that got CL upset, and well got the ball rolling and about 6 months later we got internet here, the customer service stinks and all this trouble in the beginning, but they are the only ones now and I get about 4mb speed, pretty good in the sticks!

  5. I have been watching you "build" your quilt. It is wonderful! Good colors and good design.

  6. What a fabulous job!! I just love your quilt and your technique!

  7. Super quilt. Lovely finish indeed. Keep up the good work.

  8. Wow great quilt. Glad to see you still can share your quilt photos with your limited internet.

  9. Congratulations - your quilt is GORGEOUS!


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