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Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Up Monday 1/23/2012

I have a lot up today, I have whats up on my design wall, my stash report for last week and then my 
To Do List.  
So wasting no time I'll get right to it
Here is whats up and it's two projects;
1: the purple sugar twist

2: Sisters in Scriptures, This the second quilt designed by Rev. Connie Taylor. The quilt goes along with a bible study of 12 women in the bible.
top left to right; Deborah, Mary mother of Jesus, Huldah
middle; Ruth and Naomi, Elizabeth, Candace
bottom; Ten Bridesmaids
 I have 7 of the 12 done and seeing how I am the one who is giving instructions on how to do each block I need to get the one (Veronica) done for tonight study

Mary, mother of Jesus

My stash report for the Week 3 is 0 used and 0 added. So my total is the same. I put my stats on my left sidebar.

Well I was able to do 3 out of the 4 that I had down for last week. The one I did not get done was organize the pantry. So first on the list is,

  1. Organize the pantry
  2. I am going to finish the Morris Meadow blocks (2) by Michelle Hill 
  3. Get my blocks for 30's Dresden prepare to applique.  

      4. Order seeds for the veggie patch
      5. Plant broccoli and cauliflower .

So that's my short list for this week. I also have a list I make everyday of numerous things I need to get done but those are mainly phone calls, errands to run, cleaning, menu and odds and ends. I am lost if I do not do this. 
I will at the end of the day show what I was able to get done.
Till then


  1. I like the twist style block. It has a dimensional look.

  2. Well I love the twist quilt because purple is my favorite color, but I am intrigued by your women of the Bible quilt. My youngest daughter is named Veronica and my middle daughter is Esther. Will Esther be making an appearance in this quilt? I am sad to say that my oldest daughter is named Beatrix after Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing and Beatrice from the Divine Comedy. I am excited to see the next 5 blocks!


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