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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a Feathered Surprise

This morning I went out to the back porch to get a few pieces of wood to put in the stove. We heat our home only by the wood stove that we have in the living room. So during the winter it is a chore I do hundreds of times. Since it was the first time this morning that I had gone outside the cats, Pete and Buddy made a mad dash out the door.

I was grabbing a piece of wood when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, Buddy had spotted a chickadee and scared it. In its panic it flew into the house because I had the backdoor open. Poor little thing, it was scared and was flying around the living room.

Very poor picture,( iPhone)
Needless to say this had the cats all excited, running around following the bird. I was dumb founded on what to do. I left the door open hoping it would just fly right back out. No, it was confused and would keep flying in circles and landing wherever possible.
One time it landed way to close to where the cats could make a jump at it, so the boys had to go to the garage. The thing worked itself into a frenzy and finally would land and breathe heavily. Took two attempts but I was able to catch in my hands.

 It was in shock I think because when I got out the door with it and open my hand it just stayed there.

It was the first time I have had a wild little bird, (a not wounded little bird), in my hands like this. It took about 2 minutes before it was able to get its wits back and then it flew off. But I have to say it was so special to be able to hold it.
I let the boys back in the house and they just would go around looking for the bird.

Buddy, aka. Shankopotamus, went back to where he first spotted it, sitting there looking and patiently waiting.

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  1. We had a similar instance in our house but ours was with a bat. We were watching a movie in the dark, I thought I kept seeing a quick streak, but I was tired, and the cats were coming in and out of the room. The movie ended, and I told my husband I thought I seen something he told me I was tired to go to bed, and by that ( the lights were on now) he flew right past his head. He asked if I seen that? Seen what, I am too tired. I started laughing. It took a few flights back and forth before we finally noticed what it was. Since it kept flying in the same pattern over and over, I went and got a kitchen towel, it took 3 tries to get the timing right to raise the towel so it would fly into it. Cute little thing, everyone petted it, then we let it go outside where it belonged.

  2. Funny story! Ilove your appliqué quilt!


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