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Monday, January 30, 2012

I finished take 2 #2

I was able to work on something of my own today and that was the second set of it takes two. Now I don't know about anyone else but I had some issues with a couple of blocks. I thought I had read somewhere else about the same thing but when I went looking for it I could not find it.

 It took me all day because I had to deal with trying to find someone who would come out here to work on our hot water heater. It went out Friday and "the man of the place" could not get it working. I was told by a couple of places that they didn't come this far out here. Finally found someone who would but not until tomorrow. I am really needed a shower in a bad way. A sponge bath only go so far if you ask me. "The man of the place " actually takes a cold shower. I'm a sissy and just can't do it.

I finish one of the grandson's hats. I have this preemie hat pattern and it will be perfect. Chances they will be early and little so they will need ones of this size.

Tomorrow I have to finish a UFO that I have listed. I can not believe I have not finished one before this.
So my goal is to finish the purple twist
till next time


  1. Nice to see you at BOMs Away! I just love that in the blue and white. They're looking great. And what a pain to have water heater woes in the middle of winter! I'd be taking sponge baths, too, I'm sure. ;D

  2. Yes, i had problems with two of the blocks. I gave up on one and made a different block. The instructions for the house were wrong. Grrrrrrrrr. Yours look good!

  3. Can't believe that hat is finished! It's so cute! We just bought new water heater week before last. Not fun!,

  4. Your JT2 blocks all look wonderful!
    That little hat is just darling and your purple twist quilt is looking terrific too!

  5. I love the purple twist. where did you find the pattern?


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