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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Beginnings 2012

I love new beginnings and that is how I have always looked at the new year. Technically it's just another day if it wasn't for the calendar but I still like the idea of a fresh start. Now I don't make resolutions but I make what I like to call "goals" for the year. Now I will share a few of my goals but it will be ones dealing with what I write about here and none of those usual personal ones. No need to bore you.
But I do want to share the few I have planned for here.
One of goals is to be more focused and work more on my writing skills. English was not my best subjects in school and as a child I had speech issues so communicating both in speech and writing is a consent challenge. And writing for this blog is a good way to work on it. There is a program I plan on getting that will help me, will see.

Another goal is to get one more step closer to having my quilting room organize and to have at least a dozen UFOs completed, no matter what it take.

This goal just came to me a couple of days ago and that is I am going to give a recipe each week that is focused on using eggs. When my "girls" are laying at their normal rate I can have on the average a dozen of more eggs a day. I have gotten pretty creative with finding and making recipes that help me use up my eggs. Eggs were given a bad rap for years but it has turned out to be wrong, they are a cheap and perfect food. Even if you don't have chickens, egg are still a good price for what you get.
So the first recipe is one we had today for our New Year dinner. Traditions here in the U.S. is to have Black-eye peas for luck and cooked greens (collards, mustard, spinach or any other leafy veggie) for the prospect of money in your future and pork which symbolize progress.
My recipe is Fried Spinach.   Now I do not like collards or mustard but do love spinach, swiss chard, kale and cabbage. And this recipe needs an egg. Just one but that is OK cause the "girls" are just not laying much right now.
Fried Spinach

1 can (13.5 oz.) spinach, drained
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
1 Tablespoon bacon bits

1. Place spinach in a large skillet.

2.Whisk egg, milk and bacon bits together in a small bowl, then pour mixture into the skillet with spinach.      Cook over a medium-low heat;

 Stirring frequently until most of the moisture is absorbed into the spinach. Serve warm.

This is very good, must be the bacon. You know everything is good with bacon. But seriously it is very tasty

Till next time


  1. Bacon does improve most things,Looks delish.

  2. Fried spinach sounds good to me! But what I found REALLY good was your pumpkin pies in jars. Thanks for sharing those. I love your blog.

  3. I have problems eating eggs, and I am convinced that if I had chickens I would be able to eat those eggs! But we aren't allowed to have them in our neighborhood. Wish I lived close enough to you to get yours!
    I love your goals, too.


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