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Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Monday

So it is Monday and I have been working on what was up on my wall last week. I am really looking forward to getting it off my wall. Making progress and I should be done with it hopeful this week.

Six more blocks to go

I'm using Ricky Tim's Stable Stuff and will be doing invisible machine appliqueing. I like how it looks like I needle turn them and I do not have to worry about fraying.

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  1. Beautiful blocks, especially the applique.

  2. blocks are gorgeous!!! now what is Ricky Tims Stable stuff; please....

  3. Beautiful blocks! Congrats on getting 3 more of these done!

  4. Hey! Almost finished! I am in *love* with that bottom block. Those fabrics together call to me. :) Good to see you at BOMs Away. I hadn't seen the Stable Stuff before. Looks like an interfacing method? I like the raw-edge look for primitive things, but it makes me nervous to think of how it would hold up for multiple washings in normal everyday use.


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