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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas QAL

Today, the 2nd Saturday of the month is Quilt Times QAL
I wasn't able to start this morning with everyone else. First I had to go pick green beans that are out in the garden, doing very nicely this year. Nothing like what I had to go through last year. I posted about the groundhog that was eating my garden last year here
this years green beans
Then I worked the Quilt Show in Tulsa. So here are a few pictures I want to share

So when I finally was able to sit down and sew, I just did one block. I wanted to see what it would look like. After seeing what the others had accomplished I had to get at least one done.

This is it. 
But After I made it I thought what would it look like if I turned the four patch. So here is the same block but with the four patch laying on top of it but turned.

Which way do you like? I need input!
 I can not decide which direction I like the best.
Thank you
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Deadline is June 11th


  1. I think I prefer the first layout cos the white provides a really sharp contrast to the red and the black fabrics. On the other hand, if you put several blocks together, the second layout will probably be a bit more "mellow". There, that was no help at all, was it?

  2. Just stopping by to say Hi!... from Find a Friend Friday at Sew Many Ways.

    With the first layout, the eye is drawn to the center of the block but in the second layout, I find my eye drawn to the four patch, if this is going to be a quilt with a variety of different blocks, I'd go with the first layout.

  3. i like it the way you had it first but it might be because i saw it first

  4. Your block is gorgeous just wonderful.


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